Fourth Topic

Periodic and preventive electrical maintenance in populated facilities.

It includes the following topics:

  • Means of security and protection from electrical hazards in high occupancy buildings as defined by the civil defense requirements.
  • Neglecting the maintenance of electrical wiring as well as safety and conditioning systems etc. in populated facilities, and the adverse effects such as increasing risks and raising financial and human losses.
  • Leading programs about comprehensive maintenance and programs about avoiding losses, so as to achieve electrical safety in populated facilities. 
  • Requirements of safety and quality in maintenance and operation, and the role of these requirements to achieve electrical safety in populated facilities.
  • Including electrical hazards limiting policy within developmental plans, in addition to the mechanism of implementation and monitoring early alarm.
  • Examinations and measurements of electrical safety in populated facilities.
  • Readiness for electrical accidents emergencies and crises management.
  • Any other suitable topic that meets one or more of the symposium objectives.

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