Third Topic

Raising awareness, training, health and environmental safety culture and quality in order to face the electrical accidents in populated facilities.

It includes the following topics:

  • Presentation of educational programs in electrical safety addressed to users of facilities, such as educational programs for students in schools and universities, for staff and patients in hospitals, for kids in amusement parks, for visitors of markets and for workers and employees in factories and office buildings, etc.
  • Programs about principles of electrical safety, that establish such principles as a regular attitude of employees and users inside facilities. 
  • Continuous social educational programs and training to raise the ability of taking prompt and sound actions in emergency cases at populated facilities.
  • Training programs about detecting electrical risks and dealing with such risks in a safe and sound way, including rescue and first aid means, etc.
  • Models of electric information rules, and their role in obtaining documented and accurate statistics about electrical accidents and its causes, electrical appliances and specifications and its compliance with safety requirements, and identifying the irregular ones.
  • Any other suitable topic that meets one or more of the symposium objectives.


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Ministry Of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources

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