Second Topic

Safety verification programs for the electrical installations and supplies in populated facilities investment proved worthwhile.

It includes the following topics:

  • Identification strategies of electrical hazards occurrence probability in high occupancy buildings, analyze its reasons and reduce its impact.
  • Programs and methods of verifying the safety of electric designs (new or modified), as well as insuring the fulfillment of requirements of standard specifications and electric requirements in building codes.
  • Programs and methods of verifying the monitoring of electrical installations implementation (new or modified), insuring the application of electrical safety requirements.
  • Engaging a third party in verification and final monitoring programs, to insure the fulfillment of requirements, experimental operation methods and final delivery before operation, for the new or modified installations.
  • Periodic investigation and inspection programs for detecting defects that lead to electrical risk, then address it before occurring, especially after modification operations.
  • Any other suitable topic that meets one or more of the symposium objectives.

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Ministry Of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources

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