First Topic

Standard Specifications and technical regulations and legislations related to the protection from electrocution and electrical fault that cause fire in populated facilities.

It includes the following topics:

  • Technical legislations for protection from risks in electrical power supply at populated facilities.
  • Imposing and monitoring the application of legislations and systems and its role in maintaining the safety of populated facilities, their users and employees.
  • Standard specifications and electrical wiring codes that include special requirements for some populated facilities such as education, health and entertainment facilities.
  • Special requirements for some special applications and sites, as well as the requirements of monitoring apparatus and warning alarm in populated facilities.
  • Conformity systems to be applied in populated facilities to guarantee the conformity with technical legislations and electrical safety standard specifications.
  • Qualifying personnel systems in the implementation and maintenance of wiring and electrical works, regulations, applications and procedures for its application, and the legislative and executive bodies role.
  • Summary of the achievements and regulations until the date of the symposium as a result of the recommendations implementation of the previous seminars.
  • Any other suitable topic that meets one or more of the symposium objectives.


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Ministry Of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources

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