The Main Objectives

  • Identifying international and regional legislations and experiences to prepare and develop national legislations for the protection of high occupancy facilities and buildings from the risk of electrocution and electrical fault leading to fire and suffocation.
  • Benefiting from regional and international experiences to build national programs and mechanisms for monitoring the application of electrical safety rules and implementation of safety inspections on high occupancy facilities to achieve a high level of protection for the human element and to reduce financial losses.
  • Considering the privacy of the highly high occupancy facilities and buildings with high economic value, in addition to raising the level of interest in achieving electrical safety rules for further protection of the human race and the national economy.
  •  Increasing the interest in building awareness programs specialized in electrical safety and its rules, targeting the users of high population facilities and buildings as well as the workers of operation and maintenance in order to achieve high protection.
  • Highlighting the reality and monitoring the gaps of periodic preventive maintenance at high occupancy facilities and buildings in the Kingdom, as well as showing the successful experiences that could be used to contribute in the prevention of electrical hazards and reduce their impact when they occur.
  •  Raising awareness of owners of high occupancy facilities and buildings as well as technical training sector, about the importance of innovating and launching specialized training programs addressed to operation and maintenance workers in those facilities, i.e. preventive safety rules are duly respected and applied accurately in normal and emergency situations.

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Ministry Of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources

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